Founded in 2016, at SHIKSHA BHANSALI we aim to bridge the gap between Old-school & contemporary fashion while creating opulence with our range. 

The brand stands tall with its 4C’s- Chic, Comfortable, Conscious & Classy that remain a priority between stitching ideas, concepts and endless style.

Our Creative Director- Shiksha Bhansali, coming from a world of psychology with an umpteen love for fashion in her heart, dived into the belief and the importance of Self-expression and comfort. “One never really stops learning and so with every collection, we evolve, explore, and make a laborious effort to create stand-out clothes for the modern woman”. 

 “At Shiksha Bhansali. We take Comfort, Quality & Luxury very seriously, which is why the handpicked fabrics are 100% organic and the techniques involved are nature-friendly.”

Catering versatie & transesonal range of clothes, we want to make fashion easy to carry, wear and friendly to the nature. Consciously crafted and Limitlessly approached.

“Just because we want to be a part of your wardrobe - a little too long.”